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Evaluation of the Gaussian puff model based on measurements

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Concentrations calculated with the Gaussian puff model have been compared with measurements obtained from the dispersion experiments conducted at Lillestrom, Copenhagen, and Kincaid. The following dispersion parameters were used in the Gaussian puff model: Pasquill-Gifford, Briggs, Brookhaven and OML. Comparisons of the calculated and measured values of the concentrations have been carried out using the statistical model evaluations BOOT and RESIDUAL. The results presented indicate that the large underpredictions of the Gaussian puff model are correlated with the method for estimation of the dispersion parameters. The main attempts to improve the Gaussian puff model consist of using the dispersion parameters that are directly related to the basic physical parameters describing the turbulent state of the atmospheric boundary layer (OML dispersion parameters).

Keywords: air pollution models, dispersion parameters, model evaluation, Gaussian puff model, atmospheric dispersion models, environmental impact assessment, environmental pollution, modelling

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