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Evans Cooling Systems, Inc. has pioneered innovative aque- ous and non-aqueous cooling systems for internal combustion engines for more than twenty five years. The Evans technology, used in both gas and diesel engines, is used in virtually every area of internal combustion engine cooling with systems running in heavy duty diesels, aviation applications, motorcycles, and gaso- line engines of essentially every design. This technology is based on a very simple philosophy: To remove the problems associated with water, remove the water.

Water based coolants have been used to cool engines for over 100 years. In fact, all commercially available engine coolants on the market today are water-based except for Evans. Com- pany founders John W. (Jack) Evans and J. Thomas (Tom) Light have worked tirelessly since the early 1970's on the development of cooling system technology design and subsequently have worked with some of the biggest engine manufacturers in the U.S. Their waterless coolants provide distinct advantages such as a higher boiling point, the elimination of corrosion, and the use of fuel saving strategies that are not available with tradi- tional water based coolants. The end result is greater thermal efficiency, improved fuel economy, and longer engine life. The product line is low in toxicity, non-corrosive, and operates with low pressure.

A common misperception is that Evans formula is a gel, or something other than a liquid. Waterless doesn't mean 'liquid- less', but it does mean 'corrosion-less'. Evans engine coolant is a patented formula consisting of a blend of glycols, with soluble additives and no water. The absence of water in Evans coolants prevents corrosion and avoids electrolysis.

In December 2010, Evans Cooling Systems introduced its wa- terless coolant for stationary engines at the Power-Gen Show in Orlando. The technology has not only been proven successful in reducing maintenance and operating costs, but also in improv- ing performance and reliability. Evans waterless coolant enables an engine to operate continually in hot weather, under heavy loads, at high altitude, or at high power output without boil over. Evans waterless coolant helps prevent power interruptions and outages by avoiding overheating.

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