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Even a Dragon can run like a Deere - Liquid Waste Technology launches a new Swinging Dragon dredge with John Deere power


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The new Swinging Dragon dredge from Ellicott Dredges/Liquid Waste Technology (LWT) boasts superior productivity when it comes to dredging marinas, canals, fly ash lagoons, and sand and gravel pits. It’s demanding work. That’s why LWT builds this heavy-duty floating monster with only proven and reliable components. John Deere engines, Funk pump drives, and a complete engine enclosure from Superior Diesel, a John Deere engine distributor, serve as the prime mover for this new dredge.

The Swinging Dragon is a self-propelled dredge capable of dredging sediment, sand, gravel and mine tailings from 4.6 meters (15 ft.) below the surface of the water, and then pumping it up to 1,219 meters (4,000 ft.) The powerful hydraulic driven cutter head makes easy work of hard-packed materials and heavy sediment. The Dragon is rugged enough for sand and gravel applications, and yet agile enough for dredging in and around marinas and docks. All the while, the operator stays comfortable in an air-conditioned, quiet cab.

LWT needed a powerful yet quiet, low-emissions engine with worldwide service centers to provide the superior customer service demanded by LWT’s market. This made the PowerTech Plus 6090H engine an easy choice. This 280-kW (375 hp) John Deere engine provides all the power needed for roundthe- clock applications, in addition to meeting noise and air-quality standards.

Attached to the PowerTech Plus 6090H engine is a Funk pump drive that drives several hydraulic pumps efficiently. The hydraulic pumps provide power for the cutter head, dredging pump, winches, anchoring and propel functions. The engine and gearbox match perfectly to provide compact, quiet and reliable power for the Swinging Dragon.

Superior Diesel provides LWT with a complete engine, gearbox, and enclosure package. Built to LWT’s exact specifications, the prime mover is delivered complete and ready to install on the Swinging Dragon. By stocking and delivering the John Deere engine, Funk pump drive, radiator, and hydraulic cooler in a vented sheet metal enclosure, Superior Diesel improves LWT’s delivery time to its customers. “Superior Diesel has worked with LWT for many years and is able to deliver the complete prime mover with consistent quality and reliability, just the way we want it,” says LWT’s sales manager Steve Panasuk. “We’ve had excellent performance from the engines over the years, and excellent service from Superior Diesel.”

Liquid Waste Technology in New Richmond,Wisconsin, builds best-inclass dredges for a variety of markets. LWT Mud Cat™ auger dredges remove sediment in water/waste water lagoons and come powered by PowerTech Plus 6068H engines. With over half of the dredges being shipped to international customers, service and reliability are extremely important.

“LWT’s dredges are currently working in Asia, the Middle East, the Philippines, Europe and Africa. A real benefit for us is the reliability of the engine and worldwide service that John Deere provides,” says Steve. “Fortunately for us, the John Deere engine, pump drive, and accessories make our dredges easier to sell.”

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