Even Better Environmental Noise - Calculation Software

Brüel & Kjær’s Prediction Partnership now moves into a new phase with the founding of Softnoise. To celebrate this, we release new versions of the software.


Originally, Predictor™ Type 7810 was developed solely by DGMR, and Stapelfeldt developed Lima™ Type 7812. Now, DGMR and Stapelfeldt have created a common company, Softnoise, to jointly develop and support both products, integrating the experience in both companies and exploiting the strengths of both products. And Brüel & Kjær has signed a long-term contract with Softnoise, further strengthening our environmental noise calculation software. This partnership contains some of the world’s foremost environmental noise calculation experts, providing the best calculation software, support and advice, and the largest development capability to cover the ever-changing market requirements.

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