Colloid Environmental Technologies Company (CETCO)

Evoh vapor mitigation system used to protect against residual VOC contamination case study


Project: Former Film Processing Facility
Location: Hollywood, CA
Products: Liquid Boot PLUS Gas Vapor Mitigation System

Background: VOC contamination was detected in the sub slab for a project situated on a site that was once a former film processing facility.

Challenge: Owner of the facility demolished the existing slab and interior to create a high end office building spanning two standing structures. Sub slab VOC contamination created a potential for sub slab vapor intrusion. The high profile client need to create a safe and healthy work environment and requested that the highest end system available be used for the health and safety of the employees working in the new structure.

Solution: A belt and suspenders vapor mitigation system using 4' trenched perforated pipe in a gravel bed. CETCO's high performance vapor barrier LIQUID BOOT PLUS, and monitors was designed by NSN Engineering. NSN performed constant onsite inspection to ensure all QAQC procedures were in place during the system installation. One of CETCO's two Preferred Applicators, Advanced Construction Technologies worked diligently to install all facets of the system to the designed specifications and QAQC procedures.

Result: Advanced ConstructionTechnologies.alongwiththe onsite inspection services of NSN Engineering, successfully installed the gas vapor mitigation system, incorporating CETCO's LIQUID BOOT PLUS high performance membrane, allowing the owner, a world renowned film studio, to build a state of the art office complex while mitigating the threat of sub slab vapor intrusion.

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