Ex Situ Soil Treatment of Waste Oils and Diesel Fuel

Project: Treated 450 cubic yards of waste oils and diesel fuel in soil and rock
Client: Southern Arizona Mining Site
Location: Near Tucson, Arizona
Scope of work: Ex-Situ Bioremediation
Project cost: $21,600 (Included earthmoving equipment, treatment, bioremediation supplies and all analytical sampling)
Source of contamination:Leaking USTs and mining equipment
Project duration: 6 weeks
Status: Completed (Catalina BioSolutions treats a new cell of 200-400 cubic yards of soil every 4-8 weeks)

Description: A treatment cell has been constructed to hold 250-500 cubic yards of soil. Approximately once a month, Catalina BioSolutions turns the 18-22' high soil in the Bio-Cell and sprays the soil down with the liquid microbial product.


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