Excavation, removal & reinstatement - Primary School, Fife


Courtesy of Soilutions Ltd

Client: RPS Group (Planning and Development)

Challenge: Excavate and remove hydrocarbon and chromium impacted material from a grass covered area within a school playground. Special attention and care was taken not to disturb underground services situated within the excavation area.

Applied technology: Remove material for reuse where possible, then excavate and remove contaminated material using a wheeled excavator. Once the target depth of the excavated soil had been reached a non-woven membrane was installed to create a physical barrier. Reinstatement of the excavation was completed using imported subsoil and topsoil that had been laboratory certified. To finish the area to a high standard in a short amount of time grass turf was laid over the excavation. The removed material was used as a temporary landfill capping material.

The material: The contaminated material contained elevated levels of total petroleum hydrocarbons and chromium. This was seen as having an unacceptable health risk for persons that may come into contact with the material. The contamination was found in ‘hotspots’ throughout the soil matrix to a maximum depth of 0.6 mbgl (below ground level).

The solution: Open communication between client, consultant and the school was key to the success of this project. Due to the restricted size of the area to be excavated, small plant was used with the material being placed directly into trucks for removal to suitably licensed landfill. Contaminated material was identified prior to the commencement of works. The project was delivered on-time and budget.

Length of contract: 1 week

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