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Exchange of Transformers in the castle and in the city of Marburg


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The challenge for the team of ABB Environmental Services, led by Helmut Bergel, was a full service project, including the exchange and replacement of transformers contaminated with the environmental pollutant PCB (Polychlorinated Biphenyls, a class of chlorinated hydrocarbons that have been used extensively since 1960 for a variety of industrial uses like coolants in transformers and dielectrics in capacitors and has been banned in 1984 word-wide).


Within few weeks, ABB removed the contaminated transformers in the basement of the castle and in other buildings belonging to the city of Marburg, and disposed of them in an environmentally sound manner at the ABB recycling plant in Dortmund. In the castle, ABB could manage with only two short main disconnections of the current supply. 'It convinced the customer that ABB could offer environmentally fair and fast solutions', said the project manager Helmut Bergel. It was important, in fact, that the visitors of the museum, which is located in the castle, could continue to come: exhibits like the historical knights arms continue to appear in the best light.


But the full service project included also the site clean-up: all the sites where the old transformers were located, were cleaned from the PCB waste and protected with a special painting, which protects against harmful emission of the pollutant absorbed in the walls. The cooperation with ABB Spain has been precious for providing the environmentally safe, new transformers. There were, in fact, circa 40 transformers to be replaced by dry type transformers manufactured by ABB.


'ABB Environmental Services', which realized the projects with the University of Marburg, was acquired by Envio group in 2004.

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