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Executive Summary of Arsenic Contamination in the World

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Annex 1 is an ancillary summary database which provides supplementary material to Table 1 in the Executive Summary of Murcott:  Arsenic Contamination in the World: An International Sourcebook.  Table 1 is entitled Arsenic Contamination in the World  and summarizes the exposed populations, the current arsenic standards and the sources of arsenic for each of the 105 identified countries, by continental region (Africa, Americas, Asia, Europe, Australia/Oceania) and by category (anthropogenic, coal, geogenic, mining, petroleum and volcanogenic).

Annex 1 is organized alphabetically by continent. For each identified country, it includes the area affected, the population of that area, the types and levels of arsenic exposure, populations exposed and references that support these data. It is a summary guide and compilation of data. It should not be used as a substitute for the original referenced article.

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