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Exergetic analysis of a long two-phase closed thermosyphon system

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The focus of present study is to provide a simplified engineering model of the long thermosyphon. In this paper, combination of the thermal network analysis and the lumped capacity were used in order to simulate thermal characteristics of a long two-phase closed thermosyphon operation. Then the T-s diagram of the thermosyphon processes was presented based on the combination model analysing results. Finally, the exergy analysis of the thermosyphon components was performed for different refrigerants as the working fluids. The results show that increasing the ambient heat transfer coefficient causes to decrease of the condenser and total exergy destruction rates.

Keywords: exergy analysis, fill charge ratio, lumped capacity, heat transfer, thermal networks, long thermosyphon, engineering models, simulation, refrigerants, working fluids, condenser rate, exergy destruction rate

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