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Exergetic analysis of glucose metabolism


The aim of this work is to analyse exergetically the glucose metabolism, which involves the steps of Glycolysis, Krebs Cycle and the Oxidative Phosphorylation. In order to achieve these goals, a methodology for the exergetic analysis of metabolism is presented. The exergy value of the metabolic compounds takes into account the compounds concentration in the environment, ionic dissociations, metal compounds formation, ionic forces and electric potential. The electric potential represents an important aspect and must be considered in any exergetic analysis. Reactions are presented in chemical form, which also considers the charge equilibrium. Results are presented in the standard thermodynamic condition and one of them considers the cellular environmental pH and ionic force.

Keywords: exergetic analysis, glucose metabolism, ATP formation, glycolysis, Krebs cycle, oxidative phosphorylation, exergy analysis, electric potential, charge equilibrium, thermodynamics

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