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Exergetic performance evaluation of ejector cooling system

Ejector-cooling model is developed to calculate the entrainment ratio and the area ratio representing throat to nozzle area. The developed model is validated with available experimental data in the literature. Parametric studies using the refrigerant R134a as the working fluid show that the Coefficient of Performance (COP) of the system is increased by increasing the generator and evaporator temperatures while decreasing the condenser temperature. Furthermore, for the same set of operating temperatures and for various refrigerants considered, the highest COP is obtained using the refrigerant R717 and the lowest by using R114 as the working fluid. The second-law analysis shows that the major sources of irreversibility are the ejector followed by the generator.

Keywords: exergy, air conditioning, performance evaluation, ejector cooling, COP, coefficient of performance, refrigerants, modelling, generator temperature, evaporator temperature, condenser temperature, second law analysis, irreversibility

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