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Exergoenvironmental analysis of piston–prop aircrafts

This study deals with exergoenvironmental analysis of a four–cylinder, spark ignition, naturally aspirated and air–cooled piston–prop aircraft engine for landing takeoff (LTO) and cruise phases. This analysis includes the three steps as follows: application of exergy analysis, finding the exergoenvironmental impacts, and allocation of both exergy streams and exergoenvironmental impacts. In the LTO phase, the maximum specific environmental impact and relative environmental difference is calculated as 18.8 mPts/MJ and 208.9%, respectively, at the approach phase. The maximum specific environmental impact of production is 12.2 mPts/MJ at 3000 m altitude, 15.1 air–to–fuel ratio and 65% rated power setting during the cruise phase.

Keywords: exergoenvironmental analysis, environmental impact, eco–indicator 99, piston–prop aircraft engines, exergy analysis

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