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Exhaust Gas Treatments for NOx Reduction to Add to Global Warming


The enforcement of year 2007 stringent emission norm for reduced NOx reduction/oxides of nitrogen gases from the diesel exhaust and the after treatment to reduce them will add to global warming by several fold according to renowned engine combustion kinetics, emission control process expert and inventor -Mr.Srinivasan Gopalakrishnan, Hydrodrive Systems & Controls Pvt. Ltd, India.

His invention of the PROCESS AND SYNTHESIZER FOR MOLECULAR ENGINEERING OF MATERIALS had been granted the Great Britain Patent and the Indian Patent while the rights are pending in the USA, CANADA, JAPAN, CHINA, PHILIPPINES and in few other countries.

The present exhaust gas after treatment technologies such as the 3 way catalytic convertor employing NOx reduction catalysts calls for maintenance of high temperature for effective oxidation/conversion process. Automobile and exhaust catalytic convertor manufacturers ensures maintenance of high temperature through injection of fuel in the exhaust gas after treatment system. For the diesel NOx control., methods such as diesel fuel with short lived radicals are being injected so as to have an accelerated chemical reaction to take place at reduced temperatures for the oxidation /conversion.

Even the DPF(Diesel Particulate Filter) or soot trap have to necessarily use fuel injection or heat addition for periodical regeneration process for ensuring satisfactory functioning and for oxidation/burning of the accumulated soot to avoid back pressure.

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