Expansion of waste water treatment plant, Switzerland


Courtesy of Hofstetter BV

Type     HOFGAS®- IFL2c
Commissioning     2005
Site     WWTP Bern (Berne, Switzerland)

Initial Situation
The purification services provided by WWTP Region Bern so far are no longer adequate. The expansion project comprises new constructions, the new organic waste water treatment stage and the associated sludge liquor treat-ment. As a result, more sewage gas accumulates, outstripping the capacity of the two existing sewage gas flares
Technical Requirements

  • Adherence to regulations on emissions and safety regulations of the TISG (Technical Inspectorate of the Swiss Gas Industry)
  • Capacity of 750-1'000 Nm3/h
  • Concealed combustion, 1'000-1'200°C

Utilisation of the HOFGAS®- IFL2c sewage gas flare with insulated combustion chamber and manual control of combustion air.The sewage gas flare starts operating as soon as the start command and the gas admission pressure are acti-vated. Start-up monitoring and checking for extraneous light are undertaken. The automatic burner control controls the electrical igni-tion process and monitors the flame during operation. If no flame signal is given within the safety period specified, ignition is repeated. After three ignition repeats, the sys-tem is switched off and a fault is signalled. Depending on burner capacity, the necessary quantity of combustion air is optimised by manual adjustment of the air flap. Via Profibus, signals are relayed to the process control system and received. This ensures optimum monitoring of the whole waste water treatment plant.

Client’s Benefits

  • High plant availability
  • Avoidance of complaints from local residents, as no flame is visible
  • High standard of safety
  • Low-maintenance operation


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