Experiences in development and maintenance of Silence-GIS



Silence-GIS is a larse scale noise management system build as an extension on ArcGIS 9.3.1. This system has been designed and developed for the Dutch Highway Authorities. The aim of the system is to support decisions on Dutch and European noise policy and to predict the effect of future measures on the noise exposure of the population in The Netherlands. The information needed to perform noise calculations was divided over different departments. There was a great need for standardization and integration of the different data sets. This was maybe the largest challenge of the Silence-GIS project. For the development an agile development method was chosen that involves the product owner during all the stages of the development. Terms were introduced like sprints, scrum meetings, back log, burn down charts, pigs and chickens. To keep the system up to date contracts were made between the product owner and the parties that supplied the data. This paper gives insight in the challenges and benefits of Silence, the advantages of an agile development method and gives an overview of the system hardware, the IT infra structure and the geographical database.

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