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Experiencing space issues in designing your WWTP?


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In combination with the pre-assembled treatment plants manufactured by Toro Equipment, W-Tank storage tanks, settling tanks and digesters are the perfect solution for saving space.

Our customers purchase these solutions so that they can optimise execution times and minimise the space required to install a WWTP.

Pre-assembled plants offer significant benefits in terms of reducing costs, implementation times and space.

These containerised plants leave the factory already assembled and tested, reducing the assembly time and costs.

They are easy to install at the destination and require little space; it is even possible to pile one container on top of another.

These types of systems are in demand all over the world due to the ease of transport and simplicity of assembly that they offer.

Toro Equipment offers pre-assembled solutions for containerised dissolved air flotation plants and containerised sludge dehydration plants with Prensa filters.

Experiencing space issues in designing your WWTP?

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