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Experimental study on an open cycle desiccant cooling system

This paper presents the design and construction of an experimental desiccant cooling system that uses natural zeolite as the desiccant. This is the first use of this desiccant in an actual or experimental system. The primary system components are originally designed and constructed. The paper provides a sufficient detail on the design procedure of the components as well as the methods of measurements. Experiments are conducted to cover a wide range of system and operating parameters. For the investigated cases, the coefficient of performance, the cooling capacity, and the moisture removal capacity take maximum values of 0.95, 16 kW/kg dry air, and 6.5 g/kg dry air, respectively. Exergy analysis is performed for a typical operation of the unit and the exergy destructions and exergy efficiencies are calculated. The greatest exergy destruction occurs in the desiccant wheel and the exergy efficiency of the unit is 3.3 percent.

Keywords: adsorption, desiccant cooling system, evaporative cooler, natural zeolite, exergy analysis

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