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Experimental tests on short composite and internally reinforced concrete columns

Experimental investigation of reinforced concrete composite columns behaviour was conducted. Eight rectangular reinforced concrete columns with different parameters were tested under axial loads and biaxial bending. Four columns were internally reinforced with I-section structural steel and the other four were heavily reinforced with reinforcement bars with an equivalent area to the I-section. The variables considered in the study were: 1) the eccentricity of the applied force; 2) the ratio of M
and M
. The main goal of this research was to compare the behaviour of the two groups. The results of the tests indicated that the experimental loads for internally reinforced columns were about 82% of that for the composite columns. A computer program was developed based on the ACI provisions to calculate the theoretical capacity of the tested columns. All the experimental failure loads were greater than the predicted theoretical values by an average value of 84%.

Keywords: reinforced concrete columns, experimental tests, composite columns, axial loading, biaxial bending, ACI code, internally reinforced columns, failure loads

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