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Expert Talk with Italian Manitou Dealer, Decimo Baccarani


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BSL: Decimo, tell us about your beginnings in the building sector? Why did you choose this career path?
Decimo Baccarani: I started working in a company’s technical department which produced concrete batching plants, hence the passion for construction sites and machines especially for construction cranes and then telescopic forklifts. In 1978 I worked as a sales representative for several major brands including POTAIN – at that time most sales were made this way. As the market evolved we became dealers of the same brands and we started a rental business too. The last step was creating the current company headquarters including the sale of equipments, spare parts and technical support.

BSL:  During these days Manitou is taking part in JDL and has launched its newest rotating telescopic handler, the MRT 3255. Could you tell us what are its advantages and what differentiates it from previous models?
Decimo Baccarani: I can’t answer this question since Manitou has not yet shown this machine to the Italian dealers.

BSL: The Manitou brand has an excellent reputation with its customers, in your opinion what aspects of Manitou telescopic handlers are evaluated by customers ?
Decimo Baccarani: The Manitou brand has a long history, its products are extremely reliable and durable, and these features are universally recognized. Who buys Manitou can count on a world leader, starting from the quality to the technical support service. That is why these products, even if second-hand, are requested both in Italy and abroad.

BSL: For those who buy a second-hand telescopic handler, there are several areas to take into account in order to ensure safety and efficient operation of the vehicle. Could you give some advice?
Decimo Baccarani: Second-hand: working hours are the data to take into account, certainly not the most important one since a lot depends on how it was used and maintained and on its purpose. These are the features you should be paying most attention to: the transmission or gearbox, the integrity of the arm and its proper functioning, including its components for extension, lift and rotation in the case of a rotating telehandler, axles, then the engine. From the safety point of view the first thing to verify is the proper functioning of the load limiters and their correct calibration, signalling anti-overturning device, light and signalling devices when loading, including their block when reaching the maximum value. For the safety-exclusion button or key, I recommend to use release devices such as those used on recently produced lifters.

BSL: For a foreign customer who buys the Manitou telescopic handler outside the EU, what he/she should know before importing the unit in his/her own country?
Decimo Baccarani: For those who buy a second-hand telehandler coming from outside the EU is essential to check for the effectiveness of all safety devices -those listed in our regulations – the presence of the EU identification numbers, EU certificates.

BSL: What are your recommendations for those who will use the telescopic handler in order to reduce the risks at work ?
Decimo Baccarani: Telescopic use: considering it is a forklift with a variable displacement hydraulic pump, I think it’s very important that an inexperienced operator should do the following: attend a specific training, and if it’s not possible, he shall acquire all necessary notions from another experienced operator. Then before starting to use it on construction site, I recommend to study the instructions for use with a particular focus on the function of safety devices, then use the machine for a few hours alone in a wide yard and experience simulating some operations. In this way, without pressure, he can exercise by checking the limits of the machine and its proper use. But, crucially, he will have to use the machine with the telescopic arm in low position and the fork completely retracted. Only when the machine is stopped on a straight surface, he will be able to remove the load.

BSL:  Speaking of Manitou telescopic handlers, what are the most popular models among customers?
Decimo Baccarani:  MLT 740 – MLT 940 – MVT 1340 – MRT 1842 – MRT 2150 – MRT 2540.

BSL:  Decimo, talking about you, what do you particularly like about Manitou telescopic handlers, and what is your favourite model?
Decimo Baccarani: I like the strength, durability and the stabilization system of MRT 2150 – the feeling of stability with high loads at elevated heights of MRT 2540.

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