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Progress in environmental management relies on innovation. Whether it's novel applications of new technologies, pioneering public policies, or groundbreaking partnerships – innovation leads to advances. Looking toward tomorrow's advances, the theme of A&WMA's 98th Annual Conference & Exhibition is “Exploring Innovative Solutions.” The conference will take place June 21-24, 2005, at the Minneapolis Convention Center in Minneapolis, MN.

As a thriving, dynamic, and increasingly diverse metropolitan area, Minneapolis offers an ideal setting to consider innovation in air and waste management. Minneapolis offers all the sophistication of a major urban destination combined with abundant natural resources. Among the city's distinctions is the only national scenic byway located entirely in an urban area. Minneapolis also was named the cleanest U.S. city by Travel+Leisure.

The conference will be opened with a keynote address from Dr. Katherine E. Reed, staff vice president, 3M Environmental, Health and Safety Operations. She will discuss 3M's reputation as a corporate environmental leader, and she will provide an overview of the company's pioneering Pollution Prevention Pays (3P) program, which was first implemented 30 years ago. Dr. Reed also will address 3M's continued pursuit of innovative technical and regulatory solutions that move the company toward sustainability.

The remainder of the conference will bring together an unprecedented group of experts from industry, government, and academia to further explore innovative environmental solutions. Some of the highlights are listed below.

Critical Review to Address Nanotechnology
“Nanotechnology” is one of the newest buzzwords in the industry, and much has been made of the far-reaching implications of manipulating particles at the atomic level. Nanotechnology likely will impact physics, engineering, molecular biology, and chemistry. Yet, an important question remains: What are the environmental implications of nanotechnology? Find out when Drs. Pratim Biswas and Chang Yu Wu present a timely overview of “Nanoparticles and the Environment” at the 2005 Critical Review. Dr. Biswas is the Stifel and Quinette Jens Professor of Environmental Engineering Science at Washington University in St. Louis; Dr. Wu is Associate Professor of Environmental Engineering at the University of Florida.

As both a tutorial and critical review of nanotechnology, the session will include:

•  An overview of nanotechnology, including how nanoparticles are “building blocks”;
•  Sources of nanoparticles—ranging from industrial emissions to atmospheric formation and conversion to occupational settings—and engineered nanoparticle production methodologies;
•  Controlling nanoparticles and the efficiency of capturing them in current particle control devices;
•  Use of nanoparticles in environmental technologies and implications for the energy sector;
•  Environmental impacts and potential health effects of nanoparticles; and
•  Recommendations for future research.

The Technical Program: Something for Everyone
With 160 sessions covering a range of air, environmental management, and waste issues, the Technical Program is sure to include information that's important to you. AEMW From climate change to renewable energy to indoor air quality—topics in the paper and panel sessions are geared toward professionals in government, academia, and consulting. Highlights include:

  • NSR Reform
  • Ozone, Particulate Matter and Regional Haze
  • Resource Conservation Challenges
  • Title V Permitting and Compliance
  • MACT Standards and Updates
  • Pollution Prevention and Waste Management
  • Approaches to Zero Emissions and Recycling
  • Mercury Issues
  • Multi-Pollutant Issues
  • Ambient and Source Measurements
  • Transportation Issues
  • Brownfields and Land Revitalization
  • Agricultural Environmental Issues

Urban Air Quality Forum to Focus on Fuel Choices
For the seventh straight year, the popular International Urban Air Quality Forum will be held in conjunction with the Annual Conference & Exhibition. The theme of this year 's Forum is the The 7th Annual International Urban Air Quality Forum, titled “Impact of Fuel Choices on the Environment in Developing Countries.

Closely integrated with the Annual Conference Technical Program, the This year's Urban Air Quality Forum is closely integrated with the Conference's Technical Program, will provide providing attendees with an opportunity to not only to hear technical background issues, but also to learn application strategies surrounding the impact of fuel choices. Using real-life In case studies, several speakers will share their experiences and lessons learned.

Investigating Main topics of the Forum are designed to investigate the impacts of strategic fuel choices for mobile and stationary source emissions, while also exploring the societal consensus needed to effect change. Forum topics will address:

  • Mobility concerns,
  • Industrial, commercial, and residential considerations, and
  • Barriers to Multi-stakeholder engagement in public policy discussions

As in previous years, the Forum will include plenary panels and roundtable sessions that allow participants to interact with panelists. A summary report of the roundtable recommendations will be developed for participants to share with their colleagues.

Exhibition to Showcase Environmental Products and Services
Are you seeking a competitive edge? Are you looking for the latest environmental products and services? Are you interested in networking with a range of environmental experts? Then don't miss this year's Exhibition, June 21-23. Bringing together hundreds of companies in the fields of air and waste management, the Exhibition will be the most dynamic showcase of environmental products, technology, and services in 2005.

Among the new features on the show floor this year are a demonstration of Xcel Energy's Peregrine Falcon restoration program, which has been replicated throughout the Midwest; a low-emissions jet engine from Northwest Airlines; and an on-site aquarium courtesy of the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources. In addition, five scheduled conference-wide coffee breaks in the Exhibition area will ensure that you have plenty of opportunities for networking with colleagues.

More Details on the Way
The 2005 A&WMA Annual Conference & Exhibition will be the year's premier environmental networking and solutions event. To stay updated on all of the Conference's developments, visit and bookmark www.awma.org/ace2005 , or call A&WMA Member Services at 1-412-232-3444 or 1-800-270-3444.



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