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Exploring the link between development and migration in Ethiopia

Situated in eastern Sub-Saharan Africa, Ethiopia has one of the highest diaspora populations in Africa. There are several challenging issues (political and socio-economical) causing fluctuating migration patterns in the country, which hinder economic progress. The aim of this paper is to present these issues, focusing on common factors such as war, famine, drought, and government intervention. It also seeks to address the implications of the brain drain in respect of economic progress. The loss of skilled workers aggravates the stagnation of Ethiopia's economic development. In addition, the paper will also question the role of climate change in economic development critically examining the Gilgel Gibe III project. Finally, the paper will conclude by suggesting solutions to these problems.

Keywords: economic development, Gilgel Gibe III, migration patterns, brain drain, infrastructure, Ethiopia, global environmental change, GEC, war, famine, drought, government intervention, skilled workers, climate change

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