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Explosive Off-the-Shelf Technology Praised for Dynamite Results at IAAP


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THE BUSH ADMINISTRATION scored only a “C-” at its mid-term report card delivered by the Bozeman, Mont.-based Political Economy Research Center (PERC). The group bills itself as “the Center for Free Market Environmentalism.” Its goal is to seek market solutions to environmental problems. This free market brigade ignored the nation’s largest environmental market — defense cleanup. When this was brought to PERC’s attention at a Washington press conference, a spokesman said, “Whoops.” PERC leaders say they will reconsider the $4 billion budget item when a final report is issued in two years. Ironically, the group considered items such as endangered species, public lands management, regulatory review, water quality and the Army Corps of Engineers. Considering property rights are one of the organization’s biggest concerns, one would think the transfer of closed or realigned military properties to communities would be of interest. Since military bases contain so many endangered species, which create questions of land management, one might also think PERC would want to broaden its horizon.
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STOP BRAC IN 2005 is the message a couple of lawmakers have started, even though the 108th Congress is still not settled. There appears to be a bipartisan move in the House Armed Services Readiness Subcommittee to block the 2005 base closure and realignment (BRAC) round. Rep. Joel Hefley (RColo.) chairs the subcommittee. Although a round of BRAC is part of the federal law, sources say he is opposed to how the law was written and will use the subcommittee to look into it. Rep. Gene Taylor (D-Miss.), who was ranking member of the military installations and
facilities subcommittee last year, has vowed to take every opportunity to fight BRAC this year. He bitterly opposed the measure last year.

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