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Exposure Scenario enables you to create Exposure Scenarios compliant with REACH, both for substances and mixtures, using the format created by the EscomXML group and based on EuPHRAC database. This model, developed in collaboration with Cefic, allows drawing up complete and orderly Exposure Scenarios, therefore making the information management easier and also improving their clarity for the user and for customers receiving them.

Hence, this application allows you to create Exposure Scenarios in doc and xml format in Italian and English language; anyway, it is always possible to customize the document through the input of personal data, logos and settings.
The document created can be sent to your customers also by using EuSHEET functions for attachments sending.

The creation of the Exposure Scenarios is performed through a step-by-step procedure, which guides the user during the information insertion and permits to keep in the same EuSHEET database all the necessary information.

Exposure Scenario

With Exposure Scenario the user can easily realize:

  • The complete creation of an Exposure Scenario from the earliest steps
  • The creation of the document for the sending, selecting specific Exposure Scenarios of interest
  • The automatic translation using specific optional languages packets (additional packets).
  • To consult saved information and keep previous versions

For any further information about this theme it is possible to deepen following the link in the section dedicated to the Exposure Scenarios.

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