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Extant Kinetics Of Mixed Wastewaters

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Extant Kinetics Of Mixed Wastewaters

OUR fingerprints can be used to estimate kinetic parameters for the wastewater constituents as shown in Figure A and B below. Wastewater A contained one group of readily degraded compounds and one group that was degraded at lower rates. A third region of oxygen uptake was caused by nitrification. Kinetic modeling suggested that biodegradation of each constituent followed classical Monod kinetics. Wastewater B contained a group of readily biodegradable constituents and two more-slowly degrading constituents. The primary constituent followed classical Monod kinetics, but second group of compounds was controlled by hydrolysis as indicated by the first-order decrease in OUR. Nitrification was a small part of the remaining OUR. Biomass growth and biodegradation coefficients for these two wastewaters are listed in Table 1. As indicated, the active biomass concentration involved in specific reactions was quite low.

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