Extraction of many emission sources in extensive factory premises - Case Study


Example: Packaging Similar tasks: Coating, Automobile industry, paint production

Different production processes lead to decentralised ventilation of emission sources. These decentralised ventilations are consolidated within a central air pollution control system.

A producer of plastic, cardboard and composite material packages uses a range of printing units, laminating machines and washing machines. These emission sources, individually ventilated for regulatory purposes, are scattered over an extensive factory floor area, separated from each other and the central air purification system by up to 100 metres. The exhaust air from these sources is passed through one of three RTOs according to the concentration level of contaminants; high concentrations are passed through a 3-bed RTO, while lower levels are processed through one of two 2-bed systems.

In this way, CTP was able to ensure compliance with statutory limits, while generating steam from the excess heat. One of the RTOs also receives ozoniferous air from UV coating and transforms O3 in O2.

Summary: CTP achieved the continuous and individual ventilation of every work station and overall compliance with statutory limits, as well as the production of usable steam as a by-product of the excess heat.

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