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Extraction of pesticides and PCBs from fish tissue - Case Study


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Fish tissue has always been our most difficult matrix to work with and the SpeedExtractor has made it a breeze.

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Eric Scott, Environmental Scientist at Kentucky DEP

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Kentucky Department of Environmental Protection, USA

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Customer: Kentucky Department of Environmental Protection (DEP), USA

The Kentucky Department for Environmental Protection (DEP) tests a variety of environmental samples for man-made contaminants. The department’s mission is to protect and enhance Kentucky’s environment.

Application: Determination of chlorinated pesticides and PCBs in fish tissue

Contamination by pesticides and polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) is measured in the native fish population to help identify sources of contamination. This information also provides guidance to the public for its safe consumption.

Equipment: SpeedExtractor E-916 with 40 mL cells

The SpeedExtractor E-916 is revolutionizing the sample extraction process in time and reco-very. Thanks to high temperature and pressure, solvent extraction of six samples is completed in less than two hours. This is far less time than the classical Soxhlet method which takes 18 - 24 hours. This shortened extraction time allows for samples to be readied for GPC cleanup the same day of extraction. So far, the customer has successfully performed PEST / PCB and PAH extractions from fish tissue, mollusk tissue and soil. The SpeedExtractor E-916 allows for multiple extraction cycles using different solvents and their mixtures. The extraction of fish tissue involves five extraction cycles. The first cycle is done with acetone, the second with DCM, while the last three are extracted with a 1:1 mixture of both solvents.

Benefit / Conclusion: Extraction in 2 hours instead of 24 hours

Extraction times are significantly shortened and higher recovery rates are realized compared to the classical Soxhlet method. The integrated control panel makes it very convenient for the operator to observe the entire extraction process. Also, the SpeedExtractorRecord™ software shows the operational status of the SpeedExtractor E-916 and is useful generating reports.

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