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Factors influencing technological entrepreneurship in Chinese firms: evidence from Guangdong

Technological entrepreneurship concerns the transformation of potentially viable technological opportunities into profitable businesses. Technological entrepreneurship is recognised as a key driver of successful technological innovation. In addition, matching technological opportunities with local market needs is a characteristic feature of Chinese technology firms' catch–up and innovation potential. However, extant research on technology and innovation management has yet to fully include entrepreneurship insights in the study of innovation, especially in Chinese firms. With this aim, the paper identifies and investigates the relationships between a number of internal and external factors and technological entrepreneurship. Using a multi–disciplinary and multi–level literature review and findings collected through case studies and interviews in 74 Guangdong technology firms, the paper presents possible explanations concerning the relationship explored and discusses their theoretical and practical relevance, with particular reference to the role of support policies, IPR enforcement and personal relationships.

Keywords: technological innovation, technological entrepreneurship, technopreneurship, technoentrepreneurship, China, Guangdong technology firms, internal characteristics, external networks, institutional environment, innovation practices, competitiveness, innovation management, technology management, literature review, case studies, support policies, IPR enforcement, intellectual property rights, personal relationships

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