Fairchild Avenue bridge project cae study


Courtesy of Propex Operating Company, LLC

In March 2012, significant storm-related flows through the Cuyahoga River threatened the construction of the new Fairchild Avenue Bridge Project in Kent, OH. ODOT engineers needed a quick solution to stabilize the eroding bank, while minimizing the need for costly and unsightly large diameter riprap. By incorporating ARMORMAX® into the design solution, ODOT was able to save significant funds in reduction of riprap size, while promoting a vegetated shoreline to enhance the streetscape element of the project.

  • UV stabilized for 50-year longevity
  • Structurally designed slope reinforcement
  • Easy and rapid installation
  • Vegetated with custom hydraulic growth-medium
  • More cost-effective than traditional
  • solutions
  • Proven technology
  • Sustainable results

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