Features Of A Stone Floor Cleaning Machine

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In some ways, stone floor cleaning is easier than other cleaning tasks. For instance, these are hard surfaces and there is no constraint on using output power. These surfaces can withstand almost any level of output power that is practically possible. 

That means any hard surface cleaning machine with a high-powered output can be used for carrying out stone floor cleaning. The question is that which kind of machine is best suited for the task? 

Be it pressure cleaner systems, steamers, or other hard surface cleaners, all these machines offer powerful output. However, a few things slightly favor hard surface cleaners for carrying out stone floor cleaning. Pressure wash systems clean by generating high pressure, while steamers, on the other hand, clean with their high temperatures. For stone floor cleaning, hard floor cleaner machines with motorized spinner heads are required. Features of a hard surface cleaner are as follows: 

Output power
The main source of output power is the pressure generated by the machine. It can range up to 1500 psi, depending upon the model. The higher is the pressure level, the more efficient will be the machine. Since these machines contain attached wands for scrubbing hard floors, an extremely high pressure is not needed. The output temperature of these machines is modest, often limited to 140ºF. 

Top hard floor cleaner machines have a rotary floor scrubber and spinner heads. The introduction of motorized sophisticated spinners, with diameters ranging between 9 inches and 19 inches, saw vast improvements in the speed and efficiency of concrete and grout cleaning. In other words, these machines make the cleaning faster and easier. 

A hard floor cleaner machine with exclusive motorized spinner features 60 percent faster cleaning power and 70 percent better cleaner results than a non-motorized spinner system on the market. Such machines are capable of handling multiple applications, like tile and grout cleaning, marble cleaning, and stone floor cleaning. 

Multiple functions
Many a hard surface cleaning machine from reputed suppliers perform multiple functions. These versatile machines are actually many machines in one. These can be used as carper cleaner extractors, upholstery cleaning machines, pressure cleaner systems, and wall cleaning machines. 

Continuous extraction
The best tile and grout cleaning machines on the market offer continuous extraction, meaning they clean the runoff immediately. Moreover, dirt, grim, and grease do not get redistributed but powered off and collected in the extraction chamber for disposal. 

If you want to sanitize a hard surface in addition to clean it, it is advisable to use powerful steam cleaners too. The high temperature output of these machines melts and eliminates bacteria. The molten residues can be extracted by the vacuum attached with the machine. 

Another advantage of some of the latest powerful steam cleaners is the anti-bacterial technology embedded in the machines. It is a proven technology that can cause selective elimination of commonly found microorganisms. A combination of hard surface cleaners and steamers ensures both cleanliness and hygiene.

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