Federal Oil Reserve and Primary Corporate Contractor Streamline and Save with Essential Software


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The Challenge:

Managing America's 571 million-barrel Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR) is a big and vitally important job. Now, a new management approach - supported by a new breed of software - is making that job more efficient and cost-effective.

Running the U.S. government reserve means being constantly prepared to safely and cleanly distribute up to 4.2 million barrels of oil per day in times of crises. Moreover, the storage and distribution must be managed in order to minimize Environmental, Health & Safety (EH&S) risks at the facility's four main complexes along the Gulf Coast.

The Solution:

SPR's needs were twofold. Company officials were interested in developing a system that included both EH&S and Contingency Management components. The name for their plan was the SPR ES&H Management Information System (SEMIS). In Webster's Dictionary, 'semis' means a scattering repetition of small design motifs to produce an overall pattern.

The two primary components of SPR's software implementation are as follows:

  • Essential EH&S™ — the market-leading environmental management information suite that automates the process of calculating, tracking and reporting emission streams. SPR selected the Air, Water, Waste and Chemical Inventory module's in the suite's Emissions Management solution, the Industrial Hygiene module in the Occupational Health & Safety solution, and the Compliance Management solution.
  • Essential EIS/GEM InfoBook™ — the global standard for comprehensive crisis management that supports all phases of contingency planning, preparedness, response, recovery and industrial safety as well as daily business operations.

The Results:

By integrating and improving key information processes, Essential's software minimizes overlap and maximizes efficiency. That, in turn, directly affects the bottom line. SPR's annual Site Environmental Report provides a good example. The 250-page report is important to the facility because it is widely distributed to, among others, the Department of Energy, members of Congress and the media. Before Essential's software implementation, the report took between 1,000 and 1,500 man-hours to complete. Use of the software has reduced that by one-half to two-thirds, according to officials at the reserve.

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