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A leading Fortune 500 company, FedEx is widely regarded as the pre-eminent small package transportation company in the world, with offices and service in 220 countries. Since 2004 FedEx has utilized the e3 Solutions Environmental Management (EMIS) system to track emissions, waste shipments, compliance management, site remediation, facility inspections and audit information for thousands of North American and international locations. In order to accomplish these goals, e3 Solutions has worked extensively with FedEx staff to review and identify existing data sources, map workflow requirements, and recommend solutions to streamline the process of collecting and disseminating environmental information throughout their expansive organization.

FedEx Express went on to be the first of the FedEx operating companies to implement e3’s Enterprise Carbon Management (ECM) system for use to track and quantify their greenhouse gas (GHG) emission’s inventory globally for all of their physical assets. This supports FedEx Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) report that is released annually to examine and manage FedEx’s success in managing its people, planets and profits in a socially responsible way.

Some of the innovative initiatives employed by e3 Solutions to improve FedEx emission management and environmental stewardship programs include:

  • PDA (handheld) data collection and import routines
  • Extensive use of electronic forms for offline data-collection and subsequent automatic upload without the need to re-key information
  • flexible, user configurable data validation rules
  • Automated e-mail reporting and user-defined notifications
  • Automation of the GHG Emissions inventory and reporting at over 2000 locations in over 200 countries in 9 primary languages and 600 airplanes and a fleet of 40,000 vehicles


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