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FedEx out Green secrets behind Purple Promise

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Tom Schmitt, President & CEO, FedEx Global Supply Chain Services divulges secrets to his Purple Promise for MeettheBoss.TV

Tom Schmitt (President & CEO, FedEx Global Supply Chain Services) joined FedEx eleven years ago at a time that he admits was the “perfect storm”, growing the company into the world’s transportation and distribution leaders, positioned in over 220 countries. In an exclusive interview for the executive business channel, Tom Schmitt lets slip the secret to FedEx’s growth over the decade lead by a unique company culture built around the “Purple Promise” which, has continued to motivate FedEx’s 290,000 staff through the recession.

The Purple promise is a companywide obligation taken by staff that simply states, “Every FedEx experience must be outstanding”. And this promise is not limited to just the customers, “We see all of our 290,000 teammates across FedEx as customers in our interaction”. Such a value has empowered each FedEx staff to want to do their jobs. “I’m not going to play big brother and watch over somebody every single day. I’m also not going to do some headstands in front of them or some circus tricks so that they feel motivated in the morning. Some of that is intrinsic. I expect that type of self-drive in my employees. “

Such a culture has allowed Tom and his team to work on what he perceives are the three main currencies. These will position any company correctly to weather the current economic storm. “The first currency is time, the second one is money and the third currency has to do with sustainability, environmental stewardship, carbon footprint, carbon emission.” This Third Green Currency is seen to play a big role in FedEx’s future development, concentrating their business models as opposed to their competitors UPS. “We (FedEx) are very asset-intensive, the last thing I need to do is just add more assets just to add more assets.” Tom states.

Having less commerce means there is less blood to pump around, but a sustainable goal is providing a much needed heart to FedEx’s future business plans. “There’s something about focus that’s beautiful at all times like what are our top three things that matter” Tom Schmitt - President & CEO, FedEx Global Supply Chain Services.

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