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Feeling the Pressure to Reduce Leakage?

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Water is a resource that is often taken for granted. As we see the effects of climate change and population growth, the challenges we will face regarding water supply and availability will only increase. Examples of this are beginning to surface extensively in many areas of the world. In Adelaide, Australia, the Murray River has long supplied Adelaide with its source of water however the Murray River has seen extensive overuse for potable, agricultural and industrial use and now combined with changing weather patterns, Adelaide is in trouble. In North America you need look no further than Lake Lanier in Georgia which is essentially the sole source for Atlanta’s water supply and is once again approaching a critically low period where Atlanta’s water supply could be threatened. In Las Vegas and the US Southwest, the Colorado River which supplies Lake Mead and the Hoover dam is in a critical low period and this supply is seriously threatened. Unless weather patterns change water supply in these regions will continue to have increased challenges with population growth and dwindling resources.

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