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Ferroelectric–based nanocomposites: fabrication and characteristic properties

Ferroelectric ceramics are widely used in a variety of applications, ranging from high dielectric capacitors, mechanical actuators, micro–transducers to memory devices. Here we present chemical and physical processes to obtain nanocomposites based on ferroelectric perovskites, from metal–oxide to dual–phase oxide materials. The changes in the structural, dielectric and magnetic properties are studied. Interesting observations such as the percolation effect and anomaly in temperature dependence of magnetisation are also mentioned. The results are discussed in view of effects of the spatial distribution of each phase, the stress–induced structural phase transition and the ferroelectric–magnetic coupling. Additionally, recent results on epitaxial growth of PZT film on Si are presented.

Keywords: PZT ferroelectrics, nanocomposites, high–k dielectric, ferroelectric–magnetic coupling, nanotechnology, ferroelectric ceramics, ferroelectric perovskites, dielectric properties, magnetic properties, structural properties, percolation effect, temperature, magnetisation

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