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FGD Recycle Pipe & Header - Case Study


Courtesy of Fibrex Corporation


Client: A U.S. coal-fired power plant

General Scope: 76” diameter recycle pipe system

Engineering/Procurement: Advatech LLC.

Resin & Laminate Construction: Hetron 922 vinyl ester was selected for the service. All pipe had an interior abrasion-resistant liner of 0.100”. The structural laminate was filament wound.

Production Facts: Customer required all pipe reducers to be double the standard length to reduce friction losses and erosion. The main portion of the header was 76” with 48” suction and discharge pipe. Finite Element Analysis was used for the 75 psi design.

Special Project Note: All 14” branch pipes, as shown in the photo, were “hard plumbed” without field joints. A later comment by the installation contractor was that “everything went together just fine”.

Fibrex supplied all steel supports for the project through a sub supplier.

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