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FIB micro/nano mould machining process for productivity improvement


FIB has been commonly used as a very powerful tool in the semiconductor industry. It is mainly used for mask repair, device correction, failure analysis, and IC error correction, etc. Currently, FIB is not being applied to the fabrication of the micro and nano-structured mould because of low productivity and sputtering rate has also been required to fabricate the 3D shape. In this paper, we studied the FIB-sputtering rate according to mould materials. As well, surface roughness characteristics were analysed for micro and nano mould fabrication. The Si wafer, GC (glassy carbon), STAVAX, and DLC that have been normally considered as good micro or nano mould materials were used in this study. And also we carried out experiments for productivity of improvement of FIB process. The blu-ray DVD pattern and the nano grid pattern were made using the GC material. In addition, the wave guide mould was fabricated using the DLC material as a test sample to improve the productivity.

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