FIBERMESH® Takes on WalMart® Supercenter case stusy


Courtesy of Propex Operating Company, LLC

When the WalMart Supercenter in Milton, Florida needed a reliable solution for 204,000 square feet of 5' interior slabs specified at 1.5 pounds per cubic yard, FIBERMESH was the answer. The project also included an even larger exterior parking lot, calling for impact and crack-resistant reinforcement that could stand up to the elements-Contractor Charles and Vinzant chose to use FIBERMESH concrete reinforcement because of it's ability to increase the strength and durability of slab concrete, in addition to low-shrinkage, high crack-resistance, and various other advantageous traits including superior finishing.

Because FIBERMESH helps save steps in the process, it enabled a faster, safer, easier install that helped keep the project on schedule and on budget for this massive project.


  • Imparts toughness to hardened concrete
  • Improves residual strength
  • Inhibits and controls formation of intrinsic cracking
  • Reinforces against impact and shattering forces
  • Adds resistance against water mitigation Non-corrosive,
  • non-magnetic, rust/alkali proof
  • Requires no minimum of concrete cover
  • In compliance with codes, UL Fire Rated

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