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Fibra™ technology for filtration and neutralization of concrete wastewater

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Multi-Purpose Process

Fibra technology, now available in the US market, provides an innovative solution for the treatment of concrete wastewater, a traditionally difficult to treat effluent with high pH and a variety of fine suspended contaminants. Full-scale Fibra filters have been installed at a number of pre-cast concrete sites in Europe where effluent has traditionally been discharged to sewer. The solution has proven particularly effective at these sites and in other comparable industrial applications.

Fibra technology is used to treat wastewater to an acceptable quality for discharge to local water courses or for recycling within the production process. Because of the unique feature of being able to precisely control particle size removal, the filter can be easily adjusted to meet the required treated water quality. The Fibra process can also be combined with post filtration settlement for further improvement in quality by non-chemical flocculation and coagulation.

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