FIFA Word Cup - Case Study


Courtesy of Centre for Sustainability and Excellence

Coca Cola, sponsor of the FIFA World Cup, in collaboration with the Centre for Sustainability and Excellence (CSE), certified the three-day visit of the Cup to Greece as a Climate Neutral Event.

Included within the calculations of the emitted greenhouse gases (GHGs) are the transportation of the World Cup trophy, the press conference that took place on the 10th of April, and the promotional event that took place on the 11th of April which was attended by over 10,000 people.

The offsetting of the GHG emissions was made through myclimate, a non-profit Swiss organization which develops and supports projects that apply renewable energy technology, implement energy efficiency measures, and reduce methane emissions. The selected carbon offset projects led to a reduction in CO2 emissions while making a significant contribution to sustainable development in the respective regions. Carbon offset projects from myclimate meet the highest international standards for emissions reductions.

About FIFA World Cup...

In 2010, the FIFA Word Cup took place in South Africa. FIFA, in collaboration with Coca Cola, held a promotional tour of the authentic FIFA trophy through 84 countries. On the 9th of April the trophy reached Athens, Greece.


Coca Cola wanted to calculate and offset the three-day visit of the FIFA World Cup trophy in Greece as Climate Neutral.

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