Fighting air pollution: Shanghai looks to Norway

A delegation from Shanghai Meteorological Bureau visited the Norwegian Institute for Air Research (NILU) Thursday 6th. April. Like many other fast growing megacities in Asia, Shanghai is facing huge environmental challenges. The visit was a first step in establishing a future cooperation between the two organisations.
Fighting air pollution: Shanghai looks to Norway

With approximately 18 million inhabitants, and a rapid growth in both population, industry and the number of cars, authorities in Chinese megacity Shanghai are concerned about health-effects from air pollution.

Shanghai Meteorological Bureau works with weather, climate, and air- and water-quality. In the quest for the best possible environmental solutions, senior officials and scientists from the Bureau set out on a tour to learn from countries in Western Europe.

At the Norwegian Institute of Air Research, located just outside Norways capital Oslo, the delegation was given a thorough insight into the institute´s research, services and high tech-instruments that deal with fighting air-pollution in cities.

Special attention was given to the subjects:

  • Monitoring and predicting air quality
  • Air Quality management systems
  • Health affects from air pollution
  • Air Quality data dissemination to the public
  • NILUs experience from projects in China:
    • Development of action plan against air pollution for Guangzhou 1996-2000
    • Setting up a monitoring and warning system for Yantai (1996-2000)
    • Development of Master-plan for work agianst air-pollution in the province of Shanxi 2001-2005
    • Installation of AirQuis in Taiyuan, Datong, Yangquan 2001 2005
    • Instalment of a central data base for air pollution in Beijing.

Senior scientist at NILU, Frode Stordal, summed up the meeting in this way:

  • There is no doubt that there is great scientific potential in a co-operation between the two parties. As always the main challenge is the funding, but there are several ways this can be resolved, said an optimistic Stordal.

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