Film waste? Don`t take it to the landfill - Case Study


Courtesy of WEIMA

Recently, True Plastics Recycling, based in Carrollton, Texas, successfully commissioned a new recycling system, consisting of a WEIMA WLK 20 Jumbo single-shaft shredder and a Gamma Meccanica GM 180 recycling system to reuse industrial film.

In 2012, Mike Largent, a young entrepreneur, established his own company in Carrollton, North-East of the Texan metropolis Dallas, the center of the US oil industry. At the beginning the company processed approximately 90 tons of film material per month using a simple granulating system. Within only four years, True Plastics Recycling has increased its throughput to around 700 tons each month.

Today, the company employs a work force of twelve at the Carrollton site in Texas. They are responsible for the entire process from purchasing film waste (LDPE and LLPE only) from producing industries to specialist recycling and the sales of high-quality plastic regranulate. The majority of customers are North American companies specialized in the production of trash bags.

However, in addition to continuously increasing the throughput rates, Mike Largent's objectives in terms of foil recycling represent much more:

'It is our objective to distinguish ourselves from competitors with maximum quality. This has proven a successful approach in the past years which is also reflected in the high demand for our products. The majority of customers is now able to use a significantly increased amount of regranulate instead of new plastics materials for their production. These companies not only save money, they also help to protect the environment. As a result, the amount of foil waste in landfills has dropped and it can now be recycled rather than wasted.'

Der gesamte Recyclingprozess auf einem Blick

An extraction system heats up and directly delivers the material to the silo of the Gamma Meccanica GM 180 recycling system. After having been filtered, degassed, and liquefied, the plastics material is extruded, cut and pelletized. The produced regranulate is subsequently cooled, extracted and packed in octabins. Ready for shipping.

Im Schneidraum des WEIMA WLK 20 Jumbo Shredders mit Rotor & Material

Gamma Meccanica GM 180 Kunststoff Recycling Anlage

LDPE Regranulat im Octabin

Mike Largent states the following reason to opt for a shredder made by the engineering company from Ilsfeld:

'WEIMA has an excellent reputation within the plastics industry. The shredders from Germany are known for their solid design and low-maintenance characteristics. That's why we opted for this model. We intend to gradually increase our capacities in the upcoming years and invest in additional state-of-the-art equipment made by WEIMA.'

Watch it Shred!

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