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Filter technology to meet evolving regulations

Maguin has developed the Cercat filter for high temperature air pollution control. In this article, David Gambier and Hélène Real outline the technology, as well as installations planned for 2009. Maguin has been present in the waste thermal treatment field since the 1970s. The company’s knowledge has been built through the turnkey supply of thermal treatment units for different kinds of products such as liquid or industrial waste and more recently, meat and bone meal and glass industry emissions. To meet market demand and ever stricter pollutant emission regulations, Maguin has developed its own air pollution control equipment technology. Basic supply is composed of a reactor, reagent storage and injection system and a filter or electrostatic precipitator (ESP). As an option, it is possible to add de-NOx equipment (SCR/SNCR) depending on the pollutant emission limits to be reached and the composition of the gases to be treated.

Thanks to its vision of energy recovery units and multiple skills, Maguin has designed an all-in-one air pollution control solution. Cooperl plant The Cooperl Group plant, located in Lamballe in France, incinerates meat and bone meal, waste treatment plant sludge and industrial wastes. Initially, the plant was equipped with a rotary kiln, a boiler with economiser and a standard bag house filter (see fig 1a). To meet stricter legislation, the plant had to be equipped with a de-NOx unit.

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