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Filter Your Air with Cartridge Dust Collector


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A cartridge dust collector uses filtering cartridges and is a self-cleaning dust collector. The cartridges it uses are made from synthetic fibers and cellulose that is treated chemically. This ensures the particles are efficiently collected without forming an excessive pressure drop in the system.


A cartridge dust collector uses an air-jet cleaning structure to preserve high filtration competence with a constant pressure drop. A system shutdown is not required to clean the cartridges. The filtration speed in the dust collectors reduce installation and maintenance costs, and can be used with more compact units.

How It Works

With the cartridge dust collector, the dust loaded air comes in the side of the hopper, under the pressure or vacuum and filters through the exit of the cartridge and into the clean air space. The air is then clean and can be recirculated or released outside. Each row of filtration cartridges feature a diaphragm valve that is joined to an air tank. This is opened by a solenoid faucet and electronic controller. Little pulses of dense air are expelled through regulated openings in the blow tubes and create a pressure wave along the cartridge, in order to break the gathered dust in the filter media. The electronic controller lets only dense air get to one row of cartridges at any moment, so that the dust collector can continually operate.

Observing various pressures across the tube sheet also initiates the cleaning cycle. As dust collects on the filter, the difference pressure across the media starts to increase. When it reaches a certain value, the solenoid gets triggered and that’s when the cleaning starts.


The maintenance is limited to a yearly replacement of the set of cartridges. Based on the type and size of dust particles, operating temperatures, and dust collector capacity, the filter material is chosen. The finish of the bag improves the release of sticky dust and putting a layer of silicon finish to the bag is common.


There are many factors that decide the size of the cartridge dust collector, which include degree of the collection required, particle size and concentration of the pollutant, characteristics of gas or air stream, characteristics of pollutant, and methods of disposal.

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