Filtration trends & application advice

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Courtesy of Amiad Filtration Systems Ltd.

The most obvious evolutionary trend in filtration technology today is the capability to remove finer and finer particles from the process fluid stream. The rise of nanotechnology has created a need for removing particles of 100 nanometers or even smaller, and the filtration industry has responded with solutions capable of capture down to the ionic and atomic levels.

Support for such small particle sizes does not come without its drawbacks though, as such membranes are extremely susceptible to damage and fouling from larger particles and debris. Thus, while end-users have many more powerful filtration technologies to choose from today, they must also possess a more complete understanding of their filtration needs to ensure the proper specification of a solution for a given application.

Identifying Your Filtration Needs

According to Jim Lauria, vice president of sales and marketing for Amiad Filtration Systems (, to ensure success it is important to approach each filtration application, particularly those where fine particles are involved, in a staged fashion. “You want to look at what you want to remove, and apply the solution that way,” says Lauria. “What do you remove first? What do you remove next? You really need to understand what your filtration needs are.”

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