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Filtronics’ NSF Certified Electromedia sets the standard for water filtration industry


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The key to any water treatment system and its efficiency and effectiveness is its filtering media, or the sand or gravel that helps to remove pollutants and contaminants from a water source. Filtronics’ exclusive Electromedia is a permanent filtering media that is National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) certified and easily the most effective and economic filtering media available today. With this patented media as its calling card, it’s no wonder Filtronics water filtration systems are in demand with those seeking potable drinking water andwastewater treatment systems.

Electromedia is a granulated, naturally occurring sand-like filtering media that can filter particles as small as two microns. Furthermore it is not a resin, plastic or silica product. Instead it is a specially-processed mineral that can filter up to 10 gpm per square feet. Compare that to other systems that can only filter at 3.5 gpm per square feet and you begin to see the Filtronics advantage. Finally, Electromedia is a permanent filtering media that never needs to be replaced, only replenished, allowing users to leave a small environmental footprint while lowering costs.

Filtronics is proud to offer its clients:

  • Electromedia permanent filtering media
  • Highly advanced system design
  • Higher filtration rates
  • Low operation costs
  • Quicker backwash cycle (commonly only four minutes)
  • Automated control panel
  • One technology for arsenic, iron and manganese
  • Over 1200 systems in operation and a decade’s long track record of success

The combination of Filtronics’ patented Electromedia permanent filtering media and the company’s advanced custom design results in a system that requires less space to operate while offering more effective filtering and greater cost containment. This is good news for municipal and industrial customers looming for just these qualities from their water filtration systems.

You can rest assured that Filtronics will create a water filtration system that is custom designed to meet each and every one of your specific needs. With nearly four decades in business few if any other companies have spent more time in the pursuit of state-of-the-art water treatment solutions. Make Filtronics your resource for the finest filtration systems the industry has to offer highlighted by Electromedia, the patented permanent filtering media that is the difference between good and great.

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