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Finding an OEM solution for air purifier & air cleaner

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Finding an OEM solution for air purifier & air cleaner, there are many companies out there who are committed to finding the right solution for you and your business. Most of them will develop a solution meeting your needs. Below are examples of solutions you may need to consider if you are seeking for air purifier OEM solutions. In developing new OEM products, your vendor will work with you through four phases:

Please note that There are two common types of air purifiers that can remove some or all of the particles in the air: mechanical filters—the most effective are classified as High Efficiency Particulate Air filters (HEPA filters)—and electrostatic precipitators. The Production procedures might be various depending on projects. HEPA filters are made out of very fine glass threads with a diameter of less than 1 micron. Electrostatic precipitators rely on electrostatic forces to remove particles from the air.

Phase 1: EVALUATION vendor and the OEM customers develop a detailed understanding of the product requirements. vendor then evaluates the business opportunity and technical feasibility.

Phase 2: DEVELOPMENT AND PROTOTYPE vendor works to achieve the required performance goals and to demonstrate and deliver a small number of prototype products in a relative short time.

Phase 3: PILOT PRODUCTION vendor resolves manufacturing issues, pursues opportunities for cost reduction, and scales up for production. Final qualification of the product design will occur. Additional testing protocols will be developed to address the quality and reliability as well during this phase.

Phase 4: FULL PRODUCTION vendor establishes the final manufacturing process and brings the new product into full volume production.

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