FineFog Fire-Fighting System for Algoma


Courtesy of DESMI A/S

DESMI has signed a fire-fighting package contract for a new building project at 3. MAJ shipyard Croatia. The project is a series of Great Lakes self unloading bulk carriers, (hull numbers 732/733/527/528/529) classed by LR, and registered under Canadian flag.

The fire-fighting system package includes:

1. Accommodation water sprinkler system for cabins and service space

2. Engine room local application system for engine room high-risk objects

3. C-Loop F500+ water spray system for self-unloading equipment

In 2011 Algoma had contracted eight new building projects with Nantong Mingde Heavy Industry to build a series of Gearless and Self Unloading Great Lakes Bulkers, and DESMI worked closely with the shipyard and ship owner to make the proposal for a special, owner-required, dry pipe accommodation water sprinkler system and C-Loop F500 fire-fighting system.

Due to good equipment and installation, Algoma supported DESMI FineFogTM fire-fighting systems to be selected to be on board its new-building projects in Croatia.

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