Fire access lane test - Case Study


Courtesy of Presto Geosystems

The GEOBLOCK porous pavement system is a series of interlocking blocks designed to offer turf protection and load support in areas used by heavy vehicles. The blocks create a flexible structure bridge system within the topsoil layer to support and distribute concentrated loads. The system is used successfully for a wide range of applications, including emergency vehicle access lanes, auxiliary parking areas, highway medians and shoulders, pedestrian walkways, trails and wheelchair access ways.

The GEOBLOCK porous pavement system can support most any load when properly designed and installed, but what if the system is put to the test using less-than-ideal installation procedures? Will the system be reliable when a thirty-ton fire truck arrives on the scene?

In order to prove the system's capabilities, the City of Kentwood, Michigan participated in a worst-case field test of the GEOBLOCK porous pavement system. Under the direction of Fire Marshal Dave Nichols, a 60,000 lb. ladder/pumper drove onto a GEOBLOCK test pad, dropped its outriggers and went to work while geotechnical engineers monitored pavement performance.

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