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Fire risk assessment in buildings using fire protection software


In this investigation, we developed a methodology for inclusion of fire protection and used a methodological approach for fire risk assessment. Present practice of fire risk assessment and prevention measures in the Republic of Serbia is not systematic. To develop a methodological approach of fire risk assessment, a modified matrix for fire risk factors was set up that combines the implementation of modified Delphi and checklist methods into a risk matrix based on the Allgemeine Unfall Versicherungs Anstalt and Berufs Genossenschaften methods. An efficient and rapid fire risk assessment was enabled by the application of our fire protection project solution software of SAFOFP. The results of the investigation were validated by the concrete timber warehouse case study. This fire risk assessment method is applicable to other branches of industry as well as other places aside from Republic of Serbia where the study was conducted.

Keywords: fire protection software, fire risk assessment, safety, concrete timber warehouses, fire risk factors, building fires

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